35 Neat & Tidy White Bathroom Ideas 2019 (You Shouldn’t Miss)

Many people decided to design their bathroom white because white looks clean and tidy. The problem they often face is white can also look boring and plain. So, there are several things you should consider when you decide to have a white bathroom.

Looking for the best white bathroom idea to remodel your bathroom? You are coming to the right article. We have 35 white bathroom ideas for you. Don’t miss them and let’s scroll down.

White Bathroom Ideas

1. Simple and Elegant

Image by Elle Decor

To avoid your white bathroom from looking boring, you can install patterned tile to give accent to your bathroom. A pair of framed mirrors also can be a good idea compared to one large mirror, especially if you have chosen bathroom vanity with built-in sink.

2. Shiplap Wall

Image by 2000 RCC

Shiplap wall is simple, but can enhance your bathroom style. It also prevents your bathroom from looking boring. Shiplap wall is also the perfect choice for you if you want to install patterned tile to your bathroom’s floor.

3. Patterned Floor

Image by Modern Home Design

Installing patterned tile to your bathroom’s floor can be a good choice for your white bathroom. You can also install white brick tile on the wall to enhance your bathroom’s style. Don’t forget to consider the size of your bathroom before choosing patterned tile for your bathroom’s floor.

4. Gray Tile

Image by Caduceus Farm

Grey is soothing and calming. A perfect color combination for your white bathroom. You can install grey tile on your bathroom’s floor and wall, then furnish your bathroom with white furniture. This idea is perfect for people who prefer modern bathroom over traditional bathroom.

5. Classic Look

Image by Angels 4 Peace

Marmer tile, white bathroom vanity with antique faucets, and a couple of mirrors with antique frame can be a great combination for your classic and stylish bathroom. Your white bathroom will never look boring in this style, don’t you think so?

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Need more unique ideas like the previous ideas? Worry not. You can just scroll down and find the perfect idea for your bathroom.

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