35 Teen Bedroom Ideas That Cute and Cool for Teenagers

Your bedroom looks so boring and not so stylish? Well, it’s time to remodel your bedroom. Before remodeling your bedroom, you are gonna need to consider your budget, because if you want a total to remodel, you are gonna need a big budget.

Looking for a teen bedroom remodel idea? You have clicked the right article. Let’s figure out 35 coolest teen bedroom ideas in 2019. Wanna be a stylish person? Let’s start with styling your bedroom.

Teen Bedroom Ideas

1. Simple Boho

Image by My Domaine

Designing your bedroom in a boho style can make your bedroom look comfortable and stylish. It can be a perfect remodel idea if you already have a wooden bed frame from pallet wood and wooden floor. Repaint the wall white and decorate your bedroom with bohemian decorations.

2. Industrial Bedroom

Image by Architecture Art Design

Cool and stylish. Two perfect words that describe this industrial bedroom. This bedroom style can be the perfect remodel idea for your bedroom. It is also great for a girl’s or boy’s bedroom. You just need to put some industrial decorations on the wall, and if you have a bigger budget, you can remodel the door and bed frame.

3. Modern Bedroom

Image by Zinglong

Total remodel might be unnecessary if you wanna buy a new bed frame for your bedroom. Because a bed frame alone may define your bedroom’s style, especially if your new bed frame is as unique as this unusual modern bed frame. Wanna go with this idea?

4. Space Style

Image by Freshome

Space style might be childish, but we have to admit that no one can resist the coolness of this space style bedroom. It doesn’t look childish. It’s cool and stylish. Perfect for space geeks who wanna have a super stylish bedroom.

5. Girly Bedroom

Image by Freshome

Who says remodeling your bedroom means you have to replace all your furniture with new ones? You can use your old furniture and give a little girly touch to your bedroom by installing the wallpaper and adding some decorations. A nice pink chair can be a perfect addition to make your bedroom look more girly.

More Teen Bedroom Ideas

Need more unique ideas like previous ideas? Worry not. You can just scroll down and find the perfect idea for your teen bedroom.

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