55 Small Kitchen Ideas 2020 (To Make Your Kitchen Looks Roomier)

Having a small kitchen does not mean you cannot have a cozy and cool kitchen. You can give your small kitchen a little touch to make your kitchen looks roomier. The key is choosing the right furniture and color palette. Kitchen with bright color palette will looks roomier than kitchen with dark color palette.

Choosing space-saving furniture will be a perfect idea. You can choose kitchen cabinet that does not take up too much space but loads much. Considering to have or not to have kitchen island is very important too. Do you need some ideas to design your small kitchen? Let’s scroll down.

Small Kitchen Ideas

1. Compact Kitchen

Image by Ideal Home

Choosing compact cabinets that load many stuff can be a smart step. Don’t forget to choose cabinets with the same color. This all-white kitchen will be perfect for you if you like modern and minimalist kitchen with a little rustic touch.

2. Too Narrow? No Prob

Image by HGTV

Maximizing the space of your wall is on your to-do list if you are designing a kitchen with super narrow space. Choose the perfect cabinets, add a little style to your kitchen by applying backsplash tile and putting some decorations such as a pot of green plant to make your kitchen looks fresh.

3. Colorful Kitchen

Image by Plumba

You can add some colorful stuff to your kitchen, although it is small as long as you keep the wall bright. Choosing kitchen island with breakfast bar can be a perfect idea since you will save a lot of space which you might have to use for dining room. Adding some colorful decorations can make your kitchen look fresh too.

4. Cabinets with Slab Fronts

Image by Ideal Home

Cabinets with slab fronts are perfect for small kitchen since slab front looks simple, especially if you want to bring modern look to your kitchen. Combine the simple look of your cabinets with rustic wooden floor and some decorations. Your kitchen will be perfect.

5. Colorful and Lively

Image by HGTV

Wanna bring some colors to your kitchen? No prob. The rule is decide what color that will be dominant. White and other bright and neutral colors can be great. Do you think you should go with this idea?

More Ideas from Pinterest

Need more unique ideas like the previous ideas? Worry not. You can just scroll down and find the perfect idea for your minimalist kitchen.

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