60 Small Bedroom Designs & Decorating Ideas

The bedroom is everybody’s favorite room, where you can be the king or queen of your personal room and take a rest after a long day full of activities. It does not have to be large, but it needs to be comfortable. So, if you only have a small space for your bedroom, it is not a problem. All you need is just bring the perfect style to your bedroom.

There are several rules you need to follow while designing a small bedroom. First, your bedroom needs good lighting. Second, space-saving furniture is super highly recommended. Storage bed or floating storage can be a good idea. Need some ideas to design your minimalist bedroom? Let’s take a look at these small bedroom ideas.

Small Bedroom Ideas

1. Storage Bed

Image by Home BNC

Why bother buying a large wardrobe if you can store your clothes inside your bed? Furnish your small bedroom with a nice storage bed and a small dresser with the same color. Don’t forget to keep your bedroom bright, so it will look a little bit roomier.

2. Grey Bedroom

Image by Maxwells Tacoma

Grey can be a perfect color for your small bedroom too, especially if you have a large window and provide a good lighting in your bedroom. Add some stuff with bright color such as yellow to bring a little color to your bedroom. Storage bed will be great to save space too.

3. Modern Rustic Bedroom

Image by Home Esthetics

Furnishing your small bedroom with wooden furniture can be a great idea, especially if you combine the rustic look with white and grey. To save space, you can furnish your room with storage bed and maximize the space of your wall to store your books. Looks great, isn’t it?

4. Vintage Style

Image by Jose Camou

Wanna have an elegant vintage bedroom? This idea can be perfect for you. You just need to follow two rules. Furnish your bedroom with vintage furniture and avoid shining things.

5. Farmhouse Look

Image by Grandeecar

Declaring yourself as a rustic farmhouse style lover? You will definitely like this idea. Having a small room does not mean you cannot have a cool rustic farmhouse bedroom, right? Wanna go with this idea?

6. Perfect Lighting

Image by Architectural Digest

Perfect lighting is the key to a comfy and stylish small bedroom. After making sure your small bedroom gets the perfect lighting, you can decorate it with an indoor green plant to make it fresh and other decorations, such as this stylish carpet on the floor.

7. Bedroom in the Attic

Image by Home BNC

Having difficulties in decorating your attic bedroom? Well, this idea is worth a try. You can save space by choosing a storage bed, then decorating your bedroom’s wall with a framed picture or two. Space behind your door can be used to hang your clothes too.

8. Cool Storage

Image by Home BNC

Using your storage as a bedroom decoration? It sounds like a good idea. It’s space-saving and stylish. You can maximize the space of your wall to store your clothes and books. No need to spend your money to buy a wardrobe.

9. Industrial Style

Image by Home BNC

Who can resist the coolness of the industrial style bedroom? Well, not a cool person. You can remodel your bedroom with this idea to enhance your bedroom style. It’s not gonna be cheap, but it’s cool, doesn’t it? Or if you have a small budget, maybe you can start by buying a pallet picture and industrial storage.

10. Modern & Stylish

Image by Reno Guide

Who needs a wardrobe if you can store your clothes inside your bed? And who needs a bookshelf if you can store your book collection on the wall? If you need a decorating and storage idea for your small bedroom, this modern and stylish small bedroom idea is perfect for you.

More Small Bedroom Ideas

Need more unique ideas like the previous ideas? Worry not. You can just scroll down and find the perfect idea for your minimalist bedroom.

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