35 Rustic Kitchen Ideas For People with a Tight Budget

Rustic style is everyone’s favorite, but only a few people really design their interiors in rustic style because it’s not an easy and cheap project. Do you have a super tight budget but insist to design your kitchen in rustic style? Well, it’s not impossible.

We have 35 rustic kitchen ideas for people with a tight budget. Let’s figure out what’s the best rustic kitchen idea that will work for your kitchen by scrolling down.

Rustic Kitchen Ideas

1. Warm & Earthy Color

Image by Home BNC

Warm and earthy color is the key to a perfect rustic style. If you have a tight budget and a wooden floor is too expensive for you, you can replace it with faux hardwood tile. Add an accent to the ceiling by texturing it. Looks beautiful and elegant, right?

2. Stylish Storage

Image by Home BNC

Who says you need to remodel your current kitchen if you want to have a perfect rustic style? Well, if your budget is too tight, you can just add a rustic element to your kitchen such as replacing your old storage with stylish wooden storage. It’s gonna enhance the rustic look of your kitchen.

3. Wooden Floor

Image by House Beautiful

This idea is very recommended for you who want to have a modern rustic kitchen. You can install a wooden floor and enhance the rustic look of your kitchen by installing white shiplap on the wall. To prevent your kitchen from looking boring, you can choose kitchen cabinets and kitchen island with brown wooden countertops.

4. Hidden Treasure

Image by Madison Ark

Store your grocery inside built-in storage with reclaimed wooden doors. This cool storage idea is perfect for your small kitchen. It’s gonna make your rustic kitchen look much stylish. Wanna try this storage idea?

5. Rustic Kitchen Island

Image by Keurslager

Adding a rustic kitchen island with wooden doors and rustic metal sink can be a huge step to enhance the rustic look of your kitchen. You don’t have to install a wooden floor, another warm and earthy colored tile as you can see in the picture can be a good choice too.

More Rustic Kitchens

Need more unique ideas like previous ideas? Worry not. You can just scroll down and find the perfect idea for your rustic kitchen.

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