35 Rustic Bathroom Ideas, Never Thought Before?

Rustic style is your style and you are planning to design your house in this style? It sounds like a great idea. Until you have to design your bathroom in rustic style.

Many people think that rustic won’t be rustic if there is no wooden element in it, and wooden element such as wooden floor is probably the worst choice for a damp bathroom.

Well, no need to worry. You can use faux wooden materials made of plastic or other materials. Or if you insist to use real wooden material, you can use decking wood, since it is strong and water-resistant.

Let’s figure out the best rustic bathroom ideas this year.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas

1. Storage Ladder

Image by Hative

This idea is very recommended for you if you have a tight budget. You can use a storage ladder over the toilet to store your toilet paper and towel. Simple wooden bathroom vanity with vessel sink also can be a great idea. Add a little accent to your rustic bathroom by installing the patterned tile.

2. Antique Wooden Vanity

Image by Woo Home

Wanna design your bathroom in an authentic and eccentric rustic style? Maybe you can follow this idea. You can choose a rustic wood vanity with a long vessel sink. Installing wooden tiles on the floor or tile with earthy color can be a great idea too.

3. Earthy Color

Image by Newyell

Choosing furniture and tile with earthy color also may enhance the beauty of your rustic bathroom. You can choose a semi-open wooden vanity with baked clay sink and antique faucet. Don’t forget to decorate your bathroom with an indoor green plant to make it fresh. Your bathroom is gonna look warm and comfortable.

4. Rustic Walk-in Shower

Image by Digs Digs

Who can resist the beauty of this rustic walk-in shower? You can combine wood logs and stone to build this super elegant rustic walk-in shower. For your walk-in shower’s floor, you can use gravel tile to enhance the rustic look of your bathroom.

5. Rustic Country Style

Image by Time Traveller

Enjoy relaxing your muscles by soaking your body in the bathtub, in a super comfy rustic country bathroom. You can build your own storage ladder by upcycling your old ladder and baskets and use the storage ladder to store your toiletries and towel. As we know, rustic style is about upcycling and repurposing old stuff.

More Rustic Bathrooms

Need more unique ideas like previous ideas? Worry not. You can just scroll down and find the perfect idea for your rustic bathroom.

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