35 Gorgeous Romantic Bedroom Ideas 2020 (For Couple)

Wedding anniversary is coming and you are planning to surprise your significant other by decorating your bedroom in romantic style? Well, you are coming to the right article. Romantic decoration is about bringing the soft color, luxurious vibe, and expressing love into your interior.

Are you ready to see the best romantic bedroom ideas this year? Let’s find out by scrolling down. Here we go.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

1. Sparkling Lights

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Decorating your bed net with sparkling christmas light can make your bedroom look romantic. This idea is perfect if your significant other does not like cheesy romantic bedroom decoration such as red roses on the bed. It’s simple but beautiful.

2. Bed Canopy

Image by Zyleczki

Bed canopy with soft colored curtain can make your bedroom look romantic and elegant. This idea is perfect to bring warmth into your bedroom. You can cover your bedroom’s floor with furry carpet to bring luxury to your bedroom. Don’t forget to decorate your bedroom with an indoor green plant to make your bedroom look fresh.

3. Romantic Headboard

Image by Ville du Muy

Wanna design your master bedroom in simple romantic style? Maybe you should try this idea. Instead of decorating your bedroom with bed canopy with sparkling lights or a bed of roses, you can create romantic vibe in your bedroom by attaching a romantic headboard to your bed. Do you think you should try this idea?

4. Romantic Decoration

Image by Issuehq

Unlike the previous ideas, you cannot apply this decoration to your bedroom everyday, but it can be a great decoration idea for valentine or wedding anniversary. You can decorate your bed with flower petals and put your gift on it. Red balloons can be perfect addition too. Looks romantic, right?

5. Luxury Look

Image by Decoist

Designing your bedroom in romantic style doesn’t mean you have to decorate your bedroom with pink stuff everywhere. You can also use dark color such as black and combine it with bold color such as purple or red to make your bedroom look luxurious.

More Ideas from Pinterest

Need more unique ideas like the previous ideas? Worry not. You can just scroll down and find the perfect idea for your romantic bedroom. Which idea is your favorite?

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