35 Stunning Purple Bedroom Ideas 2020 (For Stylish Ladies)

Purple is elegant and calming. That is why many people, especially ladies, decided to design their home in this color palette. Declared as 2018 Color of the Year, purple was everyone’s favorite last year. People who design their interior in purple are usually more creative and romantic.

Are you looking for the best purple bedroom idea this year? 2018 maybe is over, but the trend isn’t. Let’s find out 35 most stunning purple bedroom ideas this year by scrolling down this article.

Purple Bedroom Ideas

1. Round Bed

Image by Designing Idea

Designing your bedroom in purple doesn’t mean that you have bring all the purple stuff into your bedroom. Just cover your round bed with elegant purple bed cover and lay some purple pillows on it. This purple round bed will look perfect combined with wooden floor and eccentric lamps.

2. Galaxy Bedroom

Image by Artae

Purple and blue. Perfect color combination for galaxy themed bedroom.  This idea is perfect for you if you don’t want too much purple in your bedroom. By designing your bedroom with this idea, you don’t have to put too much purple decorations, yet your bedroom will look romantic and stunning.

3. Luxurious Purple

Image by Misy Ren

Wanna design a luxurious bedroom with purple color palette? Well, the combination of purple, gold and silver can be a great idea. You can cover your king size bed in purple bed sheet, hang a purple curtain, and enhance the luxury look by adding some gold and silver stuff. Don’t forget to hang a luxurious chandelier on the ceiling.

4. It’s Purple, It’s Farmhouse Style

Image by Interior Inspiration

Purple is not a common color for farmhouse style, because it is bright and maybe too eye-striking. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot use this color for your farmhouse bedroom. You can cover your bedroom with purple bed cover without making your farmhouse bedroom losing its farmhouse look.

5. Country Farmhouse

Image by Pinterest

A little purple touch in your country farmhouse bedroom can enhance the beauty of you bedroom. You can decorate your bed with some purple pillows and lay a purple blanket on it. To enhance the country look of your bedroom, you can build a DIY headboard from unused doors.

More Ideas from Pinterest

Need more unique ideas like the previous ideas? Worry not. You can just scroll down and find the perfect idea for your purple bedroom. Which idea is your favorite?

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