35 Fun Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 2020 (For Your Inspiration)

Cooking outside is much exciting than cooking inside the house. You can do BBQ party with friends and family, while chilling in the edge of your swimming pool or camping in your backyard.

There are some elements you cannot miss while building an outdoor kitchen. BBQ grill, mini refrigerator, and of course a cool kitchen island with stove and sink. Looking for the best outdoor kitchen idea for your inspiration? You are coming to the right article. Let’s check this out.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

1. Backyard Kitchen

Image by Burkholder Landscape

Building a patio with kitchen, chairs, and table can be a great idea to spend quality time with your family and friends. You can build your kitchen with stone bricks to make it, so it is gonna look perfect for your patio. Don’t forget the BBQ grill and spend an exciting summer night with your beloved persons.

2. Poolside Kitchen

Image by Media Rooang

Poolside kitchen is a great addition for your house, especially if you like cooking. There’s nothing more exciting than chilling in the edge of the pool in a hot summer day while enjoying your foods with friends and family. Wanna go with this idea? It’s gonna be a perfect place to spend a nice weekend.

3. Kitchen Gazebo

Image by Apartment Design Ideas

It’s not an ordinary gazebo. It’s kitchen gazebo. Feel the sensation of cooking outside your house during weekend in the summer. You can build your kitchen with stone bricks. Don’t forget the BBQ grill and build a kitchen island with breakfast bar.

4. Wooden Element

Image by Energir

Not only stone, wooden element is also great to add natural vibe to your outdoor kitchen. You can build a patio with roof and build your outdoor kitchen with white bricks. Don’t forget to add wooden elements by furnishing your kitchen with wooden table and bench.

5. Stone Kitchen Island

Image by Glen Gate Company

Stone kitchen island is everyone’s favorite when people are planning to build an outdoor kitchen. It’s strong, waterproof, and looks natural. Perfect for an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. With or without roof, your outdoor kitchen will look stunning.

More Ideas from Pinterest

Need more unique ideas like the previous ideas? Worry not. You can just scroll down and find the perfect idea for your outdoor kitchen. Which idea is your favorite?

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