35 Cool and Stylish Modern Living Room Ideas 2020 (For Modern House)

Everyone wants to have a cool and stylish living room. Unlike the other rooms in your house, it is probably the most visited room in your house. That’s why people usually pay more attention to their living room’s decoration than the other rooms’ decoration.

Are you modern style lover looking for the coolest and most stylish modern living room of this year? You are coming to the right article. Let’s find out 35 cool and stylish living room ideas this year by scrolling down this article.

Modern Living Room Ideas

1. Cool White Living Room

Image by The Spruce

White and silver are two colors which can give your living room modern and glamorous look. You can decorate your living room with a pair of elegant lamps and make it fresh by adding some indoor plants inside. Another decoration such as painting or picture pallet can be a great addition too.

2. Glamorous Lights

Image by Interior Design Ideas

Hanging glamorous light bulbs on the ceiling can be a better idea for your modern living room than choosing a classic chandelier. It is also gonna be a nice addition if your living room has a high ceiling and you don’t wanna put too much decorations on the wall. To prevent your living room from looking boring, you can lay a nice patterned carpet on the floor.

3. Glass Wall Panel

Image by The Spruce

Fresh and modern. Two perfect words that describe this living room. You can follow this idea if you want to have a cool and stylish modern living room. Choosing glass wall for your living room will make your living room look modern.

4. Wooden Floor

Image by Amara

Rustic wooden floor can be a perfect choice to add accent to your living room. You can paint the wall white and keep it plain without any decoration, but your living room won’t look boring because you choose unique and futuristic furniture for your modern living room.

5. Gray Living Room

Image by Jackie Houchin

Gray color palette is not only calming, it also can give your living room a modern look. You can paint the wall gray and install wooden floor to give accent to your living room. Furniture choice is also one of the most important thing in designing your modern living room.

More Ideas from Pinterest

Need more fresh ideas like the previous ideas? Worry not. You can just scroll down and find the perfect idea for your modern living room. Which idea is your favorite?

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