55 Cozy Master Bedroom Ideas 2020 (For Your Inspiration)

Master bedroom is one of the best place in your house. After spending a whole day doing a lot  of activities, a comfortable bedroom is the perfect place to rest and enjoy a little me time.  That is why designing a master bedroom is not as easy as people think. Your master bedroom has to meet your personal taste but also meet your budget.

Do you need some ideas to design your master bedroom? We have 53 cozy master bedroom ideas for you. From a simple but elegant master bedroom for people with simple personality, to a unique boho bedroom for bohemian style lovers. So, feeling curious already? Let’s scroll down.

Master Bedroom Ideas

1. Floating Bed

Image by Tomorrow Sleep

For people who like rustic style, this rustic bedroom with floating bed is gonna be a perfect idea. You don’t need too much decorations. Install simple wallpaper to your wall, choose wooden flooring, and don’t forget to lay a small but comfy carpet on the floor. You can choose rustic floating bed with wide headboard and put a pair of tables on the left and right side of your bed.

2. Small in Size, Big in Style

Image by Tomorrow Sleep

Having a small space for your master bedroom doesn’t mean you cannot have a cool and comfy master bedroom. To make your bedroom looks a little bit roomier, you can install a wide mirror on the wall and design the room with bright color palette, such as white or pastel colors.

3. Luxurious Bedroom

Image by Adriaen Casa

Dreaming to have a luxurious master bedroom? Designing your bedroom with silver color palette may give your bedroom a luxury look. Don’t forget to add some shining decorations  to your bedroom, such as table lamp or other decorations to your dresser. This luxurious bedroom will be a perfect place to have a good night sleep.

4. Unique Look

Image by Homedit

Bedroom is the best place to relax. It looks like everyone has to agree with that only by looking at this master bedroom idea. This unique bedroom is everyone’s dream bedroom.

5. Minimalist Master Bedroom

Image by Home Stratosphere

Small bedroom also can be a cool and comfy master bedroom. The key is the perfect design. If you like modern farmhouse style, this small bedroom idea can be a perfect idea.

More Ideas from Pinterest

Need more unique ideas like the previous ideas? Worry not. You can just scroll down and find the perfect idea for your master bedroom.

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