55 Unique Master Bathroom Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today)

Designing master bathroom is not a piece of cake. You need to find the perfect furniture that will match your bathroom style. Not only furniture, wall style and bathroom style are also important element that will define your bathroom style.

There are many master bathroom idea you can try. From rustic farmhouse bathroom with country-styled bathroom vanity to modern french bathroom with floral patterned tiles. Do you always want a unique design for your master bathroom? Well, these ideas probably will be perfect for you. Find the perfect bathroom idea that match your personality.

Master Bathroom Ideas

1. Modern Bathroom with Wooden Tiles

Image by Wander Roads

Who says wooden floor does not look good for your master bathroom? Actually it is gonna be a great idea since wooden floor will give your master bathroom a fresh look. No need to worry if you think wooden tile is not waterproof. You can use faux wood tile as substitute.

2. Classic Victorian Look

Image by Kohler

Do you want to have a luxurious bathroom with a comfortable bathtub to relax your body after doing a lot of activities a whole day? Maybe you can try this classic Victorian bathroom. Victorian style never cease to bring the luxury look to your room.

3. Cool Shower

Image by Homedit

A unique shower can be a great addition for your unique bathroom. Imagine having a cool shower like this, and relieve your stress as if you were relaxing under a mild waterfall. It is cool, right? This idea is perfect for people who want to have a unique bathroom.

4. Modern Boho

Image by Digs Digs

Who says boho style doesn’t work for a master bathroom? Actually designing your bathroom in boho style will make your room look fresh and cool. A bohemian lantern, patterned carpet, and the unique bathtub define the boho look. Declaring yourself as a bohemian style lover? This idea might be perfect for you.

5. Elegant Bathroom

Image by HGTV

This master bathroom idea is perfect for people who like simple but elegant modern bathroom. You can choose white as the color palette of your bathroom and choose a modern bathroom vanity with unusual sink. It is gonna be the best place to relax after having a long day.

More Ideas from Pinterest

Need more unique ideas like the previous ideas? Worry not. You can just scroll down and find the perfect idea for your master bathroom.

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