33 Gorgeous Brown Living Room Ideas 2020 (For Your Inspiration)

BROWN LIVING ROOM IDEAS – Let’s make this year as the year of simplicity. We can start realizing the goal by working on brown living room ideas. Brown has earned a reputation as a simple and neutral color. Have you thought of creating this room type? Below are simple brown living room ideas!

Brown Living Room Ideas

1. Minimalism style

Living Room Paint Ideas With Dark Brown Leather Furniture In Colors. Living Room Paint Colors With Brown Furniture.

Brown can be a good idea of kicking off your overall minimalism house style. As minimalism trend is on the rise, it’s totally understandable that you think of participating in the positive movement. This first brown living room ideas 2019 revolves around applying brown as the major color and selecting appropriate furniture.

Brown can go well for almost type of furniture with various color. For minimalism theme, however, it is recommended that you choose white or brown furniture. Pick living room essentials that will bring enjoyment and comfort for all family members.

For instance, purchase white, large, long sofa so that all family members can sit together in one place. Add to the living room a television set by which all family members can watch television series or favorite movies together.

As minimalism theme essentially conveys, try looking for large furniture where which you can place items in one place. This is because minimalism is all about making space as efficiently as possible.

2. Hobby-inspired living room

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The second brown living room ideas 2019 can mostly apply if you have another room for receiving guests. As living rooms are the places for entertaining friends and guests, decorating the living rooms require our consideration of placing furniture and additional items that are pleasant for all family members and guests.

Applying hobby-inspired living room means that you are free to furnish the living room as the room in the house where which all family members can place their favorite things here. Placing them all in the living room is a nice idea for bringing all family members together.

Children can play together while parents and adult kids can watch their siblings play the toys, for instance. Creating a sense of togetherness through this way will make children reluctant spending hours in their rooms with their favorite items unless doing hobbies that require full focus and silence.

3. Vintage living room

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Brown can go side by side with a vintage theme. For the third brown living room ideas 2019, you need to carefully select furniture and decorations to support the overall concept.

You can choose light brown as the color of the furniture so the living room will be looking calm. Place brown carpet for adding the classic nuance. A set of classic, brown sofa or chairs along with pillows is the core of this living room type. A tall, wooden stack for gathering books or magazines can be put in one of the living room’s corners.

As for decorations, you can purchase old items from the past, such as dialed telephone, green cups, and plates that we mostly know were popular back then.

More Ideas from Pinterest

So, those are our three brown living room ideas for this year. We hope these will inspire you to get creative and love your home. Here are more ideas from Pinterest.

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